Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take to sell my car?

The whole process usually takes less than TEN minutes if you call our number:

818 822 1863 hotline. Our professionals will do everything

from appraising your car, doing the DMV paperwork, and most importantly getting

you your money!

Do I have to bring my car to you?

Nope. We will come to you, pay you for your vehicle and tow it away for FREE.

Does my car have to run?

It doesn’t matter if your car runs or not. We buy any car, running, not running,

damaged, wrecked, broken, or just plain ugly, we’ll buy it!

How can I sell my car today?

Just call us and get an instant offer. Or you can fill out our easy form. It really

is THAT simple!

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Nothing. We do not charge extra for anything.

How much can I sell my car for?

All offers are be based on factors that include, year, make, model, condition, market

demand, and mileage of your vehicle. Our state of the art database will automatically

find you the highest offer possible by searching thousands of sources across the

country. Our financial provider is unsecuredloans4u co uk.

How can I sell my car to you over the phone?

Most cars and trucks are worth a certain amount based on the above criteria. When

we come to pick up the vehicle, we will need to verify condition, miles, etc. Giving

us a detailed description over the phone, guarantees you get a top dollar offer.

Can’t I get more by selling my car privately?

This depends on what you consider “more” to be? More hassles? More chances

of risk or fraud? More headaches with doing DMV paperwork, tax reporting, etc? With

cashcashcars™, you get a fast and free offer, and a VERY simple transaction.

Sell a car with ease with just one call or click! This is always the fastest way

to get an offer!)

Is there any charge for you to appraise my vehicle and make me an offer?

There is absolutely no charge or fees to appraise your car and make you an offer.

In fact, we can typically make you a GUARANTEED offer on your car, truck, van or

SUV right over the phone!

Am I under any obligation to accept your offer?

Absolutely not. Our car buyers will offer you as much as they can but you are under

NO obligation to accept the offers!

Wouldn’t I be better off just selling my car on my own?

There is no other way to get multiple cash offers in 48 hours or less without using

cashcashcars™. One simple call to 818 822 1863

gets you connected to us. Now you can sell a car without waiting for strangers to

come to your door to test drive your vehicle. There is no need to post your car

online, take it to several local dealerships, or pay to advertise it in the local

newspaper. It is 100% FREE. You get no hassles, no delays, and have no liability

– just cash for your car today!