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Looking to Get Top Dollar for Your Junk Car in Los Angeles?

Welcome to Cash Cash Cars. As your trusted partner in Los Angeles, CA, we are dedicated to offering you the best value for your old vehicle. We understand how vital it is to get the most out of your junk car, and we're here to help!

πŸš— Why Choose Cash Cash Cars in Los Angeles?
Instant Quotes: Give us a call at 818 822 1863 and get an immediate, competitive quote for your vehicle.
Hassle-Free Process: No need to stress about paperwork. We handle all DMV formalities, notifications, and provide a release of liability.
Free Pick-up & Towing: No hidden charges! We pick up your car from your doorstep and tow it for free.
Immediate Payment: Cash in hand! We pay you instantly when we buy your junk car.
Legal Safety: With our licensed services, rest assured that you're in safe hands.
High Customer Satisfaction: Don't just take our word for it! We pride ourselves on a 9.2/10 customer satisfaction score based on 200+ genuine reviews.

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Sell Your LA Junk Cars in Only Three Steps Now!

1. Explain Your Car’s condition, make, and model.

We have a form to get all critical information about the old and junk vehicles.

2. Get an estimated price via Phone call.

We contact via Phone to get additional information and an give estimated price. 

3. Schedule vehicle inspection for final best offer.

Once you show an interest, we visit for vehicle inspections and buy your car. 

Have a Junk Car in Los Angeles? No problem!

When selling your car for parts becomes more cost-effective than spending extra cash on its repair and maintenance, it is considered a junk car. Age, Damage, and Mechanical Problems are top factors behind calling a car β€˜junk,’ but Missing Paperwork also contribute to a vehicle’s qualifying into junk car category.

Damage – when your car disintegrates severely such that parts are crushed or missing completely.

Unserviceable – when spending money on vehicle’s problems becomes a wastage.

Missing Paperwork – your registration is missing due to vehicle title or other reasons. 

Want to get rid of a junk car in South California? We are best!

Welcome to the web portal of one of the biggest car scrapping companies in Southern California. We pay quick cash for your junk cars. We are always ready to buy all makes/models in all conditions at your location in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Reseda, Sun Valley, Canyon Country, and Palmdale.

Enjoy the easiest way to sell your old, unwanted, junk vehicles in CA because we are a valuable alternate to the online marketplaces that charge you for listing a scrap that no one would buy due to minimum market value.

You will get Free Towing on all vehicles you cannot drive to our locations in Southern California.

Top Features Making Us One of the Best Junk Car Buying Service in Los Angeles

We are always ready to meet with you. All we need to know is a rundown of your car, and once you give a call to make a deal, we reach your place and drive it to our location or tow your junk vehicles to our yards for FREE. Our car buying service is quick, simple and appropriate for every car owner.

  • We can buy any car in any condition at the best-in-town pricing you will get.
  • We are always ready to give Free Towing and Cash Offers for cars you cannot move to our place.
  • Our car removal process is very quick, and we come to you quickly.

So what? Sell your unwantedly Salvage, Junk and Running Vehicles across Southern California. Call (818) 822-1863.

Any Condition, Make And Model Running or Not, Damage, Flood, Salvage, No Title. No Problem!

Please Don't Hesitate to Ask Your Question.

We've Already Answered Our Los Angeles Customers' Most Commonly Asked Questions Below. Feel free to Ask Yours!

FAQ Section
Where can I get the fastest Junk Car Removal in Los Angeles?
For the quickest Junk Car Removal Los Angeles services, look no further than Cash Cash Cars.
I want to sell my old car in Los Angeles. How can Cash Cash Cars help?
Cash Cash Cars simplifies the process of selling old cars. You can either bring your vehicle to our locations or we'll come to you in Los Angeles. We'll then evaluate the pricing based on year, make, model, and condition.
Does Cash Cash Cars offer any additional services for junk car removal in Los Angeles?
Yes, we provide free towing services for damaged cars, ensuring a pain-free, quick, and transparent process.
Why should I choose CASH CASH CARS for my Junk Car Los Angeles selling needs?
CASH CASH CARS is a licensed service, ensuring legal and transparent dealings. We offer prompt services, no hidden charges, quick turnaround times, and accept all car makes and models. Even if you've lost your car title, we can still help you sell it after verifying ownership.
How has CASH CASH CARS streamlined the process to sell junk cars in Los Angeles?
Simply fill out our junk car submission form, and we will send you an offer usually within a day. After accepting our offer, we'll arrange for a hassle-free pickup of your vehicle, often within 24 to 48 hours.
What values does CASH CASH CARS uphold in their services?
We prioritize simplicity, speed, and transparency in our junk car removal Los Angeles services. Our goal is to provide you with the best cash offer and ensure an efficient and painless vehicle pickup.
How does Cash Cash Cars calculate the pricing for junk cars in Los Angeles?
We categorize vehicles into three groups: Beyond Repair Junk Cars, The Middle Category, and The Running Cars. Each category has its pricing based on factors like condition, usable parts, and potential resale value.
How does CASH CASH CARS ensure competitive offers to sell junk cars in Los Angeles?
We have systems in place to make the most of every component of your junk car, whether it's for recycling or reselling. This ensures that our customers always get more than what other junkyards in Los Angeles might offer.
Is selling my car to Cash Cash Cars safe from unwanted communications?
Absolutely. With Cash Cash Cars, you're protected from junk emails, messages, or calls that often result from classified ads. Your details remain confidential with us.
What should I have ready when selling my car to Cash Cash Cars in Los Angeles?
Once you've decided to sell, ensure you have your car keys and title slip ready. Even if your car is without a title in Los Angeles, we can still offer cash on the spot. After the sale, we'll handle the title transfer and associated fees.
How do you make the process of selling old cars in Los Angeles simpler?
At CASH CASH CARS, we've made it as easy as filling out a form. There's no need for promotional emails or risking your personal information, ensuring no hassle for our clients.
What makes CASH CASH CARS different from other dealerships in Los Angeles?
Unlike traditional dealerships, there's no waiting list with us. We're committed to buying vehicles within 24 hours of receiving a quote, ensuring no time wastage for our customers.
Are there any cars that CASH CASH CARS won't buy?
No, we are open to purchasing all makes, models, and conditions. Even if another dealer has refused your car or if it's a scrap vehicle, we are still interested.
What should I do if I've lost the title of my car in Los Angeles?
No worries! Once you verify ownership of your vehicle in Los Angeles, we can purchase it within a single day. We even make offers for cars with lost titles.
How does the pickup process work once I've accepted your offer for my junk car in Los Angeles?
Once our offer is accepted, one of our professional junk car buyers will reach out to schedule a convenient pickup time, even during nights or weekends. Towing is free, and there are no hidden fees. Payment is made on the spot during pickup.
How does CASH CASH CARS calculate the value of junk cars in Los Angeles?
We categorize junk cars into three groups: Beyond Repair, The Middle Category, and The Running Cars. Their value is determined based on size, weight, condition, usable parts, and potential resale value.
How does CASH CASH CARS ensure that I get the best value for my junk car in Los Angeles?
We utilize every component of your junk car to its utmost potential, whether for recycling, crushing, or reselling. This ensures that you always get a better offer than what typical junkyards might provide. Our system is designed to maximize the value of your car.
What precautions does CASH CASH CARS take to ensure client privacy?
We're committed to safeguarding our clients' privacy. Selling your car through us ensures protection from unwanted emails, calls, or messages, which can be common with classified ads. All shared details remain confidential.
What's expected of me once I've decided to sell my car to Cash Cash Cars?
Provide the car keys and the title slip upon pickup. For cars without titles, we still offer immediate cash payments. After the sale, it's essential to file a Notice of Release of Liability with the state and sign the Notice of Transfer to inform the DMV of the change in ownership. We'll handle all title transfers and associated fees.
Why is CASH CASH CARS the best choice for Junk Car Removal in Los Angeles?
For residents of Los Angeles, urban living requires quick, efficient services, and CASH CASH CARS is tailored to meet those needs. Our fast Junk Car Removal service ensures that Los Angeles residents can reclaim valuable space in their homes or on the streets without the fuss. As a bustling city with a fast-paced lifestyle, having a dependable service like ours is a boon.
What makes CASH CASH CARS stand out in the competitive Los Angeles market?
In a city like Los Angeles, where there's a plethora of options for every service, what differentiates CASH CASH CARS is our dedication to transparency and integrity. No hidden costs, no surprise fees, and certainly no last-minute changes. Our consistent reliability and trustworthiness make us a preferred choice for many LA residents.
How does CASH CASH CARS accommodate the diverse car culture of Los Angeles?
Los Angeles has a rich car culture, from classic cars to the latest models, and CASH CASH CARS respects that diversity. We are open to purchasing any and every make, model, or condition. Whether it's a car with historical significance in Hollywood or a more modern model seen cruising down Sunset Boulevard, we're interested.
How does CASH CASH CARS make the title process hassle-free, especially in a city like Los Angeles where time is of the essence?
We understand that LA life is always on the move. That's why, even if you've misplaced your title, our process in Los Angeles ensures that once you verify ownership, we expedite the purchase, often within a day. And for cars with titles, our aim is always to offer immediate, on-the-spot cash payments, reducing bureaucratic delays.
Given Los Angeles's vastness, how efficient is CASH CASH CARS's pickup service?
Whether you're located in the heart of downtown LA, the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, or the coastal areas like Santa Monica, our extensive network in Los Angeles ensures a swift pickup service. Once an offer is accepted, we prioritize reaching out and scheduling a pickup that's convenient for you, understanding the importance of timeliness in a city that never stops.
How does CASH CASH CARS address the environmental concerns of Los Angeles residents when dealing with junk cars?
Los Angeles, with its focus on sustainable living and reducing carbon footprints, requires businesses to be eco-conscious. At CASH CASH CARS, we're committed to environmentally friendly practices. Cars that are beyond repair are recycled for raw materials, ensuring minimal waste and reducing environmental impact. We believe in giving back to the city by contributing to a greener LA.
What's the assurance for Los Angeles residents that they're getting the best value for their junk car?
CASH CASH CARS understands the competitive nature of Los Angeles. To ensure residents always get top dollar, we've implemented a system that maximizes the value of every car. Whether it's a vintage car from the Golden Age of Hollywood or a more recent model, we ensure that every component of your car is evaluated for its utmost value.