Los Angeles - Cash for Junk and Old Cars

Los Angeles - Cash for Junk and Old Cars

Get most cash for junk car removal & sale in Los Angeles, CA. Dial Call: 818 822 1863 for instant quotes to scrap or sell old cars to the best old car buyer of Los Angeles, CA today!

  • Cash Cash Cars is top junk car removalist in Los Angeles, CA.
  • We buy cars of every condition, make and model, pick up them free of charge, and tow them.
  • We pay instant cash for every junk car we buy.
  • We do all the DMV paperwork, notify the DMV, provide release of liability, before towing it away. Everything free of charge.
  • We are licensed, so dealing with us is legally safe.
  • We have a 9.2/10 customer satisfaction score based on 200+ reviews.

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Los Angeles - Sell Old & Junk Cars in Just Three Steps

1. Explain Your Car’s condition, make, and model.

We have a form to get all critical information about the old and junk vehicles.

2. Get an estimated price via Phone call.

We contact via Phone to get additional information and an give estimated price. 

3. Schedule vehicle inspection for final best offer.

Once you show an interest, we visit for vehicle inspections and buy your car. 

For fastest Junk Car Removals in LOS ANGELES

Are you looking for a way to junk your old cars for extra cash or to sell a running old car at the best prices in Los Angeles?

We have simplified the complicated process of selling old cars and made it easy as filling a form.

You can bring your vehicles to our locations, or we can reach you anywhere in Los Angeles, and evaluate the pricing of your car with respect to the year, make, model, and conditions. 

Cash Cash Cars provides free towing service for damaged cars, so we are guaranteed to be Pain-Free, Quick, and Transparent.

Get a quote to sell your junk cars anytime.


It is legal to deal with us because we are licensed.

We have licensed car buying experts for your junk cars, and are serious about buying junk cars in any condition, make and model. We give the fairest offers from the very moment a seller contacts us.

We are quick to reach your location.

You can sell your cars without leaving home, as we reach your house or locations where is your junk car. But we do not charge you for towing vehicles to our place.

No hidden charges.

While vehicle towing is free, and it is a job we do for free. We do not impose any hidden costs on you, and the pricing we quote is 100% the money you always get for your car. So wherever your vehicle is in Los Angeles, the value of your vehicle remains the same.

No time-wasting.

You must be familiar with the dealership's waiting list. Just forget about these when you engage us. Our service is so quick that we buy vehicles in 24 hours after getting a quote from us.

All car makes, models, and companies are acceptable.

 We are open to the purchase of all car makes models and companies. We buy cars in every condition. You can contact us to sell cars that other dealers have refused. Even if it is a scrap car, we will happily buy it.

Lost the title on the car, we help you sell it.

Once you have verified the ownership of your vehicle in Los Angeles, we can purchase it in a single day, and we can make offers for cars with titles lost.

Values That Define CASH CASH CARS

1. We have simplified selling junk cars in Los Angeles.

Simply, please fill out our short, easy, and intuitive junk car submission form above. Tell us a little about the year, make, model, and condition of your vehicle. We never sell your personal information or send you promotional emails. No risk. No obligation. No hassle.

2. We make an instant offer.

CASH CASH CARS will send you an offer for your junk car or truck, usually within one business day or less! We work with the very best junk car buyers in Los Angeles to make sure you always get the highest cash offer for junk vehicles and can feel the smoothest, fastest, and most reliable junk car removal experience possible.

3. We are featuring quick and painless pickup.

Once you accept our offer, one of our friendly and professional junk car buyers near Los Angeles will pick up your vehicle within 24 to 48 hours (often sooner!). We contact you directly to schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you. Nights and weekends are often available. Of course, towing is always free, and there are zero hidden fees. Our towing drivers will pay you cash or check on the spot for your car. There is no easier way to sell your junk car.

If your car or vehicle falls in any of the above categories, you most likely have a buyer for your junk car in Los Angeles.

Calculation Formula for Pricing Junk Cars

Our most customers curiously want to check the worth of their junk cars in LA, but it is tough to give an exact pricing upfront. Therefore, we categorize your junk car in either of these three groups. The evaluation of vehicles for price calculation depends upon the group of its category.

Beyond Repair Junk Cars.

Rusted cars rotting in garages or backyards fall into this category, and most vehicles of this category recycle for raw material supplies. The pricing of vehicles of this category is largely based upon their size and weight, and aspects like whether it can run or has some running parts get ignored. As a result, the pricing for these cars can vary from $100 to $500 in Los Angeles.

The Middle Category

Most of these vehicles are considered junk, but some running parts contribute to their overall value. Instead of crushing them on the spot, the junkyards break these apart to obtain usable auto-parts and recycle the remaining junk as scrap metal. As a result, vehicles of this category have slightly higher pricing than beyond repair junk cars.

The Running Cars

Being a junk car buyer does not mean we only buy junk. You can also sell old running cars that do not fall into the junk cars category. These vehicles get more cash than any local junkyards of LA can offer because we sell these cars in wholesale auctions. In this way, instead of basing value on parts of running car parts and raw materials, the pricing is calculated regarding how much similar vehicles get paid for at auctions. The range of cars in this category can go up to $10,000 or even higher.

So we pay you according to the category of your unwanted cars. 

We Calculate Car Price By Walking In Your Shoes!

We have introduced steps to ensure you will always get the most competitive offers to sell your junk cars. We understand that every seller wants to get maximum money for their junk vehicle. So, we never want to make our customers feel pick-pocketed during their car sales. That is why we have introduced a system to put your junk cars' every component to the best use possible. So if your vehicle is not for recycling and crushing of metal, then we can resell it through auctions, and being our customer, you always get a lot more than what other car junk yards of Los Angeles will afford to offer for your car. Beyond this, our service is one of the fastest junk car buying services in LA.

Moreover, selling your car through Cash Cash Cars saves from the barrage of junk emails, text messages, and calls generated after posting ads in classifieds. Most offers to come in this way are low-rated, from unwilling buyers that search for the best-case scenarios, which are very unlikely to happen. In addition, your details shared with us remain an absolute secret, so you get safe from unwanted mail junk after selling cars.

What Should You Expect When Selling Your Car to Cash Cash Cars?

Once you have decided to sell your car, you need to provide keys and title slip when our towing driver shows for picking up the car. If your vehicle is under no title in Los Angeles, we can pay cash on the spot. When the car is under the title, we still attempt to deliver on the site, but we cannot guarantee immediate payment due to so many different things.

After you get the agreed payment for your car, we demand you to file a Notice of Release of Liability with the state alongside signing the Notice of Transfer so that DMV would know you have sold the vehicle and are no longer responsible for it. The title transfer and fees are on our part, so you get free from this.

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Why Are We The Best Option for Junk Car Sellers of Los Angeles?

We pay the fairest pricing on unwanted vehicles, work transparently, and are always open to addressing sellers' concerns. So now it is time to retire your old cars and free up space in your backyard and garages.