We Buy Junk Cars in Santa Monica, CA

Sell your junk cars for cash in Santa Monica, and free your garage from the old scrappy cars.

Cash For Junk Cars Santa Monica

Does your yard seem to look a little like junkyard to you now because of the junk vehicle in it? Even if you may only have a single junk car in the garage, it won’t lessen the fact that you’re still keeping something that is already useless to you. The best thing that you can do in this situation is to receive cash for your junk car today!

Our company can buy that old car from you instead of letting it sit there without doing anything for you at all. If you have already thought of the question “how do I sell my junk car?” then there are a few answers to it. If you live in Santa Monica, California, where movies such as Forrest Gump, Speed, The Big Lebowski, and Terminator II were filmed, there are several ways to earn money from your junk car.

Find Our Best Car Buying Locations for Junk Car Holders of Santa Monica


  1. Explain Your Car’s condition, make, and model.

We have a form to get all critical information about the old and junk vehicles.

  1. Get an estimated price via Phone call.

We contact via Phone to get additional information and an give estimated price.

  1. Schedule vehicle inspection for final best offer.

Once you show an interest, we visit for vehicle inspections and buy your car.


 What Factors To Consider The Most When Selling Your Junk Car For Cash:

  1. Keep proof that you are the registered owner of the junk car: At our company, we can only remove the car and pay you the compensation that you deserve once you show a vehicle registration or a title as proof of ownership.
  2. Know the value of your car. Although we can help you assess the value of your car, you may also want to research more about the value of the car. This will give you an idea on how much you may receive from us.
  3. Patronize those junk car buyers that use eco-friendly methods of disposing the cars. We can assure you that we’re protecting the environment in the process.

You can call us today and expect us to get your car within an hour of that call.

 What To Expect When You Are Selling Your Junk Car to Cash Cash Cars?

When we show up at your door after your call, you can expect us to be fair in giving you the best price for your junk car. What’s great is you can even sell the junk car to us instead of dismantling it and trying to figure out which specific parts will still be useful. The junk car will disappear in one call, replaced with instant cash, and with a paperwork-free transaction.

 Top Features of Our Car Buying Service

We are always ready to meet with you. All we need to know is a rundown of your car, and once you give a call to make a deal, we reach your place and drive it to our location or tow your junk vehicles to our yards for FREE. Our car buying service is quick, simple and appropriate for every car owner.

  • We can buy any car in any condition at the best-in-town pricing you will get.
  • We are always ready to give Free Towing and Cash Offers for cars you cannot move to our place.
  • Our car removal process is very quick, and we come to you quickly.

So what? Sell your unwantedly Salvage, Junk and Running Vehicles across Southern California. Call (818) 822-1863.


Why Sell Your Junk Vehicle To Us?

First, we have the service that you are looking for because we offer cash for junk cars. Car pickup and towing services are provided for free, which means that you can keep the cash you will get from the sale of the junk car for yourself. We’ll ask you about the make, age and model of the car, but basically we aren’t concerned about the condition that it is in. If you accept our offer, then we’ll make an appointment and take the car. We will give you cash on the spot without any haggling.

Second, our business is also available online so you can conveniently visit our website where you can fill out our contact form and provide information about your junk car. We can do our assessment using it, then make our offer. This speeds up the transaction if the offer is accepted by you. You don’t even have to stress over the paperwork because we will handle it for you.